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RayLeeWorld's News

Posted by RayLeeWorld - January 12th, 2015

Hey everyone, I just wanna let you know that "The Unbelievable Spectrum Man" is now available on Tapastic, which is kind of like Deviantart, but for webcomics, and less drama. So yeah, check out my comic there, too!


And click here if you wanna know more about Tapastic!


That's all for now. Cheers!


Over and out.



Posted by RayLeeWorld - January 2nd, 2015

Well, with 2014 finally behind us, I guess you can start fresh again with this new year now. And since since 2015 is still new, people seem to be make resolutions, which they make to either better themselves or make a new years better than the last one. So, for my new years resolution, here's mine:

Since i'm still working on the first issue of The Unbelievable Spectrum Man, and with the holidays soon coming to a close, I realized that for my resolution, I decided to make something out of my comic. In other words, I hope to make my comic as widely recognized as possible, because I feel that there could be something unique with that comic that would be enough to not only get a lot of publicity, but for my art to get noticed as well.

Sure, my art may not be the greatest, but it's not the worst either, but my comic could be a way of improving my art, which is another thing I do to try and make it look better, and it seems, these past two years, my art has certainly improved quickly, and i'm sure it will improve more as time goes on.

So, i'm not really making this resolution as a way to get me famous or be very rich much, but I think its more for my art, and hope that it will be admired for future generations to come, who want be great artists as well. So all in all, I plan on my making my comic not just a hobby, but as a job as well, and hopefully it will get me somewhere, much like how popular Axe Cop was enough to make a cartoon and toys(Yes, there are toys for Axe cop, look it up).

So who knows, with much dedication, hard work, and talent(Talent is important, people), my comic might become popular enough to make an animated series and toys, or even a movie as well!(Live action or animated, doesn't matter). But then again, I should keep my expections low. So for now, I can only wait and see where my comic heads to.

Speaking of which, it's been two years since I joined DA. However, it's actually been five years since I joined here! Yes, before I made this account, I made another one back in 2010, I don't remember what the username was, but now I know that it's my 5th anniversary on DA, hooray!

Also, i'll be going to college later on this month. It's hard work too, but I can make it. Though, my course is Graphic Design, so it shouldn't too hard if you have skills(which thankfully, I have), and I took a class for it in High school as well. But with that, and with working on my comic, i'll probably be busy enough to not post much art other than my comic, but we'll see how it goes.

Also, since I also got my college money, I'll be making a bank account for it, so that means i'll probably be making commisions as well! At least that way, I can have money from commissions and my comic other than from college, so that's i'll be making more money than the college has given me, so yay for that, I guess. :3

Well, that's all I have to say for now. So what's your new years resolution, and what do you plan on doing this year, whether it's vacation, jobs/careers, birthdays and what now. I'll be glad to hear yours, if you 're willing to tell me.

In the end, Happy new year everyone, and hope we can make it through like the the last one. Cheers!


Over and out.

Posted by RayLeeWorld - January 1st, 2015

Happy new year, everyone! Here's to 2015. Cheers!


Posted by RayLeeWorld - December 26th, 2014

My thoughts on the "Official Sequel" of the classic "A Christmas Story" movie.

Spoiler Alert: Guest starring the Power Rangers!

A Christmas Story and Power Rangers belong to their owners.



Posted by RayLeeWorld - December 17th, 2014

I know i've been absent for a bit, but i've been trying to work on my new comic, though my tablet was getting all wonky before I could manage to fix it again. Anyways, I hope to finish the second page this week. Plus, now that the new year is around, I might make a website for my Spectrum Man comic somewhere next month, hopefully. In the end, that's all I gotta say. Stick around people, and happy holidays!


Over and out.

Posted by RayLeeWorld - November 20th, 2014

I forgot to tell you guys that today is my birthday today! And the best part about it is is that i'm officially 18 today! Which is so damn great! Just three more years 'till i'm 21, when I can drink beer.  [:p]

But nonetheless, it's good to be to be 18. ^^



Over and out.


Posted by RayLeeWorld - November 12th, 2014

Greeting everyone, Ray Lee here tell you some news about my new webcomic based on this character: http://rayleeman.deviantart.com/art/New-OC-Spectrum-Man-488553479

So what is it going to be about? Well, first of all, the webcomic will be a dark comedy as well as spoof/satire on the Anime and Superhero genre, it will also be spoofing the Tokusatsu genre(Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, ect.) as well as the kaiju genre(Godzilla). Plus, the webcomic will somewhat be video-game themed in a Scott Pilgrim-esque style(If you don't know who OR what Scott Pilgrim is, check here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_pi…. 

Also, will the comic be NSFW? Maybe, since the comic itself will have a lotta violence, as a homage to Shonen Anime and its ultra violent, thought there isn't gonna be sex in it, though, so there's no need worry if you aren't fond of that. Of course, the begining of the webcomic won't have much until later now, so It'll be SWF for now. Oh, and there will be Anthropomorhic animal characters as well(Or furries as some people say, but whatever),since the main villain of the comic will be an Anthro himself, especially since there'll be some sci-fi elements in the webcomic as well. And if you don't appreciate that, then sucks to be you.(Also i'm not a Furry, just an Furry/Anthro Artist, and if you can't appreciate that either, well that's your loss :p)

As for the title of the comic, it will be called The Unbelievable Spectrum Man, as sort of a nod to the title of the comic "The Amazing Spider-Man."(Not to confused with the movie, mind you.  [:P] )

So that's about it for now on what the comic's gonna be about. As for how the comic is gonna be about, you'll have to read it to found, which will hopefully be released this Friday or Saturday! 

In the end, take care, people.

P.S. As for my Kneonn J comic, it will be on Hiatus until further notice; And that way, i'll be able to work my new Spectrum Man comic a lot more. So yeah.

Posted by RayLeeWorld - October 31st, 2014

For this Halloween, I decided to make a video based on the Beavis and Butt-head Halloween and turn it into a "In One Minute" video. Also, I don't own B&B, so this video is just done for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!!! If you didn't know.

Anyways, Happy Halloween! Huh-Huh.

Beavis and Butt-head belong to Mike Judge and MTV.


Posted by RayLeeWorld - October 23rd, 2014

A little photoshoping for fun today. Enjoy!

Nyan, Nyan, Nyan...


Posted by RayLeeWorld - October 16th, 2014

Wow, such doge, much music :p